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For over a quarter century, Vision Pickling & Processing (established 1996) have supported the steel industry as preferred suppliers of batch pickled products and services. We have grown to become the largest batch picklers in North America, while also offering saw cutting and JIT solutions to customers. Read more about our companies

Our Mission Statement

We will be our Customers' preferred solution for removing rust and scale from their steel. We will partner with our Customers where possible to provide other solutions to their business needs. Our quality and service will be the standard in the industry. By charging a fair price we will ensure solid returns to our shareholders, good benefits to our employees and assurance to our Customers that we will be here to support their future needs.

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What is batch pickling?

Pickling is the chemical removal of rust and scale from steel.

In batch pickling, all steel to be processed is loaded onto specifically designed fixtures for that size of material. All steel is individually segregated to ensure 100% pickling and rust preventative coverage on all surfaces. One to four fixtures of like material are combined to form a "run."

Each individual tank in our process will be filled with a run of steel. An overhead crane is used to carry the steel between tanks during the pickling and rust preventative process. The tanks all have a dedicated purpose to either clean, rinse, pickle, neutralize or rust protect the run going through them. An entire run takes between 2 and 3 hours.

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Before and After the Pickling Process