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Which rust preventative best fits my needs?
If the material is to be welded, painted or fabricated in a relatively short period of time, our SRP (Synthetic Rust Preventative) is the preferred rust preventative. It is environmentally friendly, has zero flash point, cleans up easily making it just right for JIT applications. SRP is better suited for shorter term shelf life applications.

If material is to be warehoused for longer lengths of time prior to welding, fabricating, or painting, our oil based rust preventative is recommended.

Both products are water soluble for easy cleanup, making them user friendly.
Can I get extra rust preventative on my product?
All products are submerged in either SRP or Oil directly after Pickling ensuring a nice even coat of rust preventative on the material. Our standard procedure calls for additional SRP or Oil to be sprayed on the processed bundle extremities (at no extra charge). As long as these bundles are not un-banded to expose interior pieces, this extra coating helps extend shelf life in most environments.
Why not develop a longer term shelf life product?
Both our SRP and Oil rust preventatives are water soluble. This makes them user friendly for the manufacturing applications of most of our customers. Designing a longer term shelf life product would greatly diminish these designed advantages we now are able to offer. However, with coordinated scheduling between our customers and us and by using proven handling techniques, these proven coatings are capable of meeting everyone's needs.
What if my business requires additional shelf life?
Vision and QC Metal Pickling both offer rust protection beyond SRP and Oil. Both companies offer either waxed paper, shrink wrap or a combination of both products at an additional charge to extend the shelf life of our pickled product. These methods not only keep the material clean, but also offer protection from sudden temperature and humidity changes common to non-climate controlled warehouses. For this reason during inclement weather seasons we highly recommend the additional protection afforded by wrapped bundles.
What occurrences will decrease the shelf life of my pickle and oiled or pickle and SRP's product?
Severe natural and non-natural events can affect the shelf life of product with our rust preventatives:
  • Material getting wet can rinse off RP's leaving bare metal to rust.
  • Dust and dirt adhering to the coatings will dry out RP, leaving steel exposed.
  • Traffic damage caused by wet or dirty tarps (we offer free plastic to cover steel before tarping)
  • Exposure to sever and continuous temperature swings with material to pass through the dew point causing condensation that washes of our RP's.
  • Handling of material without clean, rubber gloves can rub off the RP and expose steel.
  • Contaminated manufacturing equipment (power conveyors, saw coolants, bending equipment, etc.) that comes into contact with clean steel can compromise or remove the rust preventative.
Can I get my material pickled-dry?
Pickle Dry is an option at our company that we do not recommend. Without a protective coating of rust preventative, pickled steel will rust. Past history has been that customers choosing this option are not happy with the product and want either QCMP or VPP to rework this material at either a discounted price or for free. Vision Pickling & Processing and QC Metal Pickling will not accept any responsibility for surface rust on pickle dry material. Any rework of pickle dry material will be at full pickling cost and the responsibility of the customer to pay. A Company representative must sign our Pickle Dry Release form before we will run or release the steel from our plant that is requested to be pickled dry.
Does light gauge or thin wall material present a problem?
Vision Pickling & Processing and QC Metal Pickling will only accept orders to pickle and oil sheet of less than 16 gauge and tube less than .065 wall on a best effort basis. These products are extremely susceptible to handling and traffic damage. Customers using Vision or QC to process this material agree to hold both companies blameless for any damage to material (dings, dents, bends, etc.) that may occur within our facilities. Although we have had some success processing this material, the replacement cost far exceeds the price we charge.

Orders to Vision and QC to process less than 16-gauge sheet or less than .065 wall tube must have management approval with a signed waiver on file. Vision and QC must also be notified prior to arrival of material (Date, Carrier, etc.) so that appropriate actions can be taken when unloading material.
Can you pickle my non-standard product?
Weldments and parts that have been formed present a special challenge to our batch pickling process because they may entrap chemicals that later drain or bleed out onto the finished pickled product. Upon review of physical material or prints, we may with your signed approval accept these parts on a best effort basis. Our Plant Manager will make the determination when the Best Effort Waiver is required.
What is your turn-around time?
Our normal turnaround time is 3 to 4 days after receipt of material. For instance, material received on Monday should normally be ready for pickup on Thursday or Friday. Our turnaround time is effected by material mix and volume in house as well as difficulty to run (lacquered pipe, over-sized sheet and plate, small parts, etc.). Once material is at either QC Metal Pickling or Vision Pickling & Processing, your order contact can advise promised date. You will also receive notification when material is ready for pickup.

We realize that sometimes orders must be expedited to meet promises made to your customers. Both QCMP and VPP have a proven record of supporting your needs. Your order contact will work with you to identify the "best" date on expedited orders.
Can you run my surface critical item?
Reduction or elimination of surface scratches is the most common surface critical request we receive. QC Metal Pickling and Vision Pickling & Processing both handle every piece of metal separately during processing. Due to the size, shape and weight of the material being processed, we use cranes, hoists and forklifts to move material safely between process areas. By notifying us PRIOR to placing an order for surface critical material we can discuss and agree on what precautions are necessary. This may include proper packaging at mills and warehouses prior to shipment to QCMP and VPP. By communicating this agreement on your BOL and PO we can take precautions prior to unloading off of the truck. Additional costs are usually involved with special handling which may result in price extras. On rare occasions, we have had to decline business due to extreme surface critical requirements. Please be assured that your business is important to us and we will do everything within our power to accommodate your request.
Can I paint over your rust preventative?
Our rust preventatives (either SRP or Oil) should not be painted over. Both are water soluble and designed for easy cleanup during the pre-treat process for painting.
What are your shipping/receiving hours?
Our shipping receiving hours are generally from 7AM to 3PM Monday thru Friday. However, these hours and even days are subject to change based upon business conditions. When hours or days change we attempt to notify all customers but have discovered the message does not always get to all intended recipients. To be safe, current shipping receiving hours and days should be confirmed with your order entry contact if you have a question.
What are your production capabilities?
We can pickle and oil from the smallest parts to very large parts. Vision Pickling & Processing can pickle sheet and plate to 96" wide and tubes as long as 42'. QC Metal Pickling can pickle sheet and plate to 72" and tubes as long as 25'.

At Vision we offer bundle cutting for a wide range of material. Our saw capacity is 27" x 20" X 40'.

Our standard capabilities are listed under Services. For non-standard material/sizes, please contact either QCMP or VPP directly.
What types of material won't you process?
Stainless steel, zinc plated, and aluminum are materials that we cannot process. We also cannot process any painted material.
Can you arrange shipment of my material?
Neither VPP nor QCMP have accounts with freight companies. Both companies process customer-owned material. Inbound and outbound freight is both arranged and paid for by our Customers.