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Since inception, Vision Pickling & Processing has taken great pride in going the extra mile to help our Customers. Prompt, reliable service coupled with a quick turnaround is our specialty.

Lean manufacturing processes allow us to generally accommodate even the toughest requests to expedite orders. Our one-stop shop offers tremendous transportation and overhead cost savings. Pickling, saw cutting, and JIT inventory under one roof serve to meet your material requirements.

A Special Note: Vision Pickling has worked extensively with Production Cutting Services in East Moline, Illinois and Waterman, Illinois on many OEM accounts. As of October 2010, Production Cutting has built a new 48,000 square foot facility in Waterman, Illinois next to Vision Pickling & Processing. This facility will duplicate the advantages for JIT with major OEM's. With VPP/PCS under one roof, we encourage our Customers to tour both locations. We expect that the synergies of these two businesses will result in significant cost advantages and exemplary service for our Customers.

Production Cutting Services


Pickling is the chemical removal of rust and scale from a wide range of products. To ensure 100% cleaning and rust prevention, we do not bundle dunk. All parts are separated to ensure 100% cleaning and coating. See our standard capabilities.

Rust Protection

We offer two different water soluble rust preventatives (oil or synthetic), depending upon your need.

Additional Rust Protection

Paper Wrap, Shrink Wrap or a combination of both. Please contact us for more information.

Saw Cutting

Bundle cutting at Vision Pickling & Processing only. Our saw capacity is 27" x 20" X 40'.

JIT Inventory

Custom, to fit your needs. Please call to discuss.

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Batch Pickling Cost-Effective Advantages

  • A cleaner and smoother surface than shot blasting, to provide a better quality paint application and appearance
  • Superior surface application for E-Coat and Powder Coat Paint Systems
  • Greater marketability for hot roll; we pickle flats, tubing, structurals, sheets, plates and various fabricated parts
  • Clean surface cosmetic consistency; scale and rust free base metal ready for paint, fabrication, plating, etc.
  • Secondary (salvage) steel due to rust can now be reclaimed to near prime condition
  • No flashing or "hot spots" when using our SRP (Synthetic Rust Preventative) product for better weldability
  • Extended tool life due to scale and rust free material, and better handling due to cleaned and oiled surface.
  • Removes laser scale from cut parts

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